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Grants for NonProfits

The nonprofit sector of Pella is a vital role in creating a strong, thriving and vibrant community.  Nonprofit organizations are a driving economic force and provide essential programs for our community.


Our grant making team awards dollars to nonprofit organizations addressing the needs and promising opportunities in the Pella area - all while carrying out the intent of donors that made the grants possible.

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Support creative programs and innovative services that enhance the quality of life in our community.

Board Directed Grants

Purpose for Grant Making

The Foundation makes grants up to $5,000 to support creative and innovative programs, current or emerging charitable opportunities, services not presently offered and including capital projects – all of which should enhance the quality of life in the community.

  • Especially interesting are projects proposed by coalitions of service providers, by those likely to gain support from matching fund arrangements, and by those replicable in design by others.

  • Special attention will be given to projects that apply to broad segments of the population​.

  • Projects funded should not represent significant duplication of initiatives already undertaken by other non-profit agencies.​

  • Low priority will be given to programs or projects of churches which have a narrowly sectarian purpose.  However, programs will be considered if they have an ecumenical base or are designed to serve persons in need of food, clothing, shelter or counseling without regard to their religious affiliation.

  • Requests will  be denied for support of annual operating budgets, elimination of deficits, reduction of debt or funding of completed projects.​

Eligibility to Apply

To be eligible to apply, you must demonstrate all of these characteristics:

  • A non-profit, legally tax-exempt organization.

  • Located in and/or serving primarily clients in the immediate Pella area.

  • Serving a charitable purpose by enhancing the quality of life of Pella in such areas as health, unique heritage, education, culture, religion, recreation and the enhancement and preservation of the city’s heritage.


If you are eligible, and wish to apply
  • Complete an application form and provide required information. 

  • Provide evidence of your tax-exempt status. It is usually done through a copy of the most recent determination letter from the IRS recognizing your tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.​

  • Application deadline: October 15

  • Apply Online -OR- read the instructions below to submit your application by email or mail.

Grant Selection Process

Proposals will be judged based on the following:

  • Meeting basic community needs/priority of project

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Collaboration with other groups/organizations

  • Population reach

  • Organization's ability to complete projects within time-frame given

Grant Recipients' Responsibilities

Agencies receiving grants are required to:​

  • Sign an Agreement Form indicating their willingness to use the funds awarded for the purpose requested.

  • Submit a final Grant Fulfillment Report  by October 15th of the year in which the grant is made.

  • Give credit to the Pella Community Foundation in all media releases made by the organization.

  • Return to the Foundation any grant monies not used for the designated purpose of the grant.

Board Directed Grants

Strengthen Pella by addressing major initiatives and promising opportunities.

Impact Grant

Impact Grant

An Impact Grant can play a key role in providing significant funding to projects that strengthen Pella by addressing major initiatives and promising opportunities. This grant seeks to create a meaningful impact around community issues.

At least one grant awarded annually. Grant range: $15,000 - $25,000.

Proposed Project Characteristics

Applications WILL BE CONSIDERED for projects that:

  • Address major local initiatives which significantly impact Pella.

  • Include evidence of a strong statement of community need.

  • Show strong probability for leveraged funding from other sources.

  • Demonstrate significant community impact, are broad and wide-reaching in nature, and are inclusive of the entire Pella community.

  • Expand existing, high performing programs.

  • Are collaborative in nature.

  • Show evidence of long-term planning for the project.

  • Are sustainable to ensure community impact well beyond the grant period.

  • Recognize and celebrate our community's heritage.

  • Show planning for outreach and accessibility to under-served populations.

  • Demonstrate evidence of organizational capacity to suggest a good opportunity for success.

  • Include a  plan for evaluating success.

Grant Eligibility Requirements
  • Impact Grants are made only to charitable organizations or causes with 501(c)(3) status, or to governmental agencies serving a charitable purpose.

  • Funding is limited to projects that will significantly improve the quality of life for the residents of Pella.

  • Organizations should not submit applications for both an Impact Grant and a Board Directed Grant for the same project in the same year.  Organizations that do not receive an Impact Grant will be considered for a Board Directed Grant.

  • Organizations receiving an Impact Grant in the prior year are not eligible.

  • The Distribution Committee WILL NOT CONSIDER:

    • Funding grants for completed projects.

    • Grants for ongoing annual operating expenses or continued program funding.

    • Grants to individuals.

    • Projects not serving residents of the Pella area.

Grant Application Timeline​

                                Box 112

                                Pella, IA 50219

  • Semi-finalists will be required to make a face-to-face presentation of their proposal with the Distribution Committee in early January.

  • Award announced in November.

  • Awards luncheon early December.

Impact Grant Proposals
  • Please provide a brief overview of your organization including mission statement, focus areas, audiences served and strategic goals.

  • Share the anticipated timeline for this project, including a starting and ending date.

  • Articulate in detail the full scope of the project and the community need being addressed. Consider this an executive summary of your proposal. Be specific and concise.

  • Explain how this project addresses a major community initiative.

  • Describe why the organization is uniquely positioned to carry out this project and its capacity to implement the proposed project.

  • If this project includes a formal collaboration, share information about each partner and their contributions.  List the local organization's contact name, phone number and email address along with a Statement of Support document from the collaborating organization.

  • Include funding request amount and total project budget.

  • Show percent of the overall project budget being requested.

  • Organization’s total annual budget and financial statement.

  • Board of Directors list.

  • 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination.

Support the grieving community in Pella and the surrounding area.

Garden Chapel Donor Advised Fund

Garden Chapel Donor Advised Fund

​Grant-making Cycle

Grants are made once per year in January with applications/proposals due by November 15th.

Grant Application Process

Organizations applying for grants must complete a narrative proposal, following the outline provided in the Grant Application packet (click button below to download).

The application packet must include the background of the applicant organization, and a copy of the IRS 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination. Be sure to include responses to questions about the purpose and description of the proposed project, financial information related to the project and project personnel.​


Review Process

If the applicant organization is not well known, or if aspects of the proposal submitted are not clear, a representative may follow up with a personal site visit and/or further questions. The completed proposals are thoroughly reviewed by the Donor who makes recommendations to the full board for funding. Applicants are then notified of the outcome and if successful a grant agreement form must be signed and returned before funding is made.​​

Grant Recipients' Responsibilities

Organizations receiving grants are required to:​

  • Sign an Agreement Form indicating their willingness to use the funds awarded for the purpose requested.

  • Submit a final Grant Fulfillment Report  by November 15th of the year in which the grant is made.

  • Give credit to the Garden Chapel Endowment Fund of the Pella Community Foundation in all media releases made by the organization.

  • Return to the Foundation any grant monies not used for the designated purpose of the grant.

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