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Our Impact

Community foundations are a familiar form of philanthropy in larger cities, but Pella was a rarity among smaller communities when in 1991 community leaders, aware of the need for support for the community's non-profit agencies and sensitive to the desire of potential donors to provide this support, established the Pella Community Foundation. The first grants were made in 1993 and additional grants have been made every year since totaling more than $1,659,000.

In our thirty-two year history, we have awarded grants totaling  $1,659,000. The 2024 grants totaled $125,000.

Our Mission

Our basic purpose is to ​preserve the heritage and  enhance the quality of life for the people of Pella, by helping to transfer funds from the hands of people who wish to help others, to non-profit organizations that can do it most effectively.

We accept gifts of cash and appreciated assets, real estate, bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and gifts designated through a life insurance policy, IRA or 401(k) plan.

Aerial View of Farm

New Developments

A number of people have  provided for the Foundation in their estate planning.

Counsel and financial support was provided to  establish the Marion County Community Foundation.

“Endow Iowa” provided a strong incentive for donors to establish permanent endowments.

In 2016, Grow Pella was introduced – allowing owners of farmland to gift their land to the Pella Community Foundation who commits to retaining the farmland.  We keep it in production for many years and allow the donor to select charities which will benefit from the farm income.

In 2024, the grants totaled  $125,000 and the three Impact Grants were awarded totaling  $42,500.

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