Our Mission

Our mission is  to ​

      preserve the heritage and

              enhance the quality of life for the people of Pella

by helping to transfer funds

      from the hands of people who  wish to help others, 

​to non-profit organizations

      that can do it most efficiently.


How We Operate

We are a "low overhead" organization.  Volunteers do most of the work. As a result  expenses are minimal.  We do not use regular endowment  income or gifts which are intended for grants to support operating expenses.  Support for our operation comes from designated operating funds and from management fees.


Financial Statements

Audit Reports

Accomplishing Our



​We accomplished our mission by:

  • Soliciting “pass through” gifts which are distributed each year though the grant process.

  •  Creating endowment funds from the gifts and bequests of those who wish to provide continuing long-term support.

  • Investing endowment funds carefully to assure earning a safe and continuing level of real income.

  • Distributing the endowment income and “pass through” gifts by means of a fair and analytical system which will identify and fund the most effective proposals for solving problems and seizing opportunities.

  • Providing leadership for the community in planning, identifying needs, and providing advice to organizations on fund-raising and operational issues. 



A committee composed of Directors using outside counsel supervises all investments.  Although income is important to the work of the Foundation, it is never sought through the acceptance of undue risk levels.  A diversified portfolio is maintained according to policy as a means of providing  growth and avoiding an inflation-induced erosion of the earning power of endowment funds.

Our last fiscal year from July 1, 2019 to June 30,2020 was a year of disappointing returns due to 4th quarter unrealized investment  losses.  Overall, the average return on investment was +0.36% while the unrealized loss was -2.45% for an overall weighted loss of -2.09%.

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