Grants are made by the Foundation to non-profit organizations that qualify under the regulations of the IRS.  There are three types:

Board Directed Grants:  in which earnings from undesignated endowment and “pass-through” gifts are distributed by the Board based on careful evaluation of proposals which emerge from widely publicized solicitations and clearly defined selection procedures.

Impact Grant can play a key role in providing significant funding to projects that strengthen Pella by addressing major initiatives and promising opportunities. This grant seeks to create a meaningful impact around community issues.

Donor Advised Fund Grants:  ​​made from funds which a donor contributes and then recommends grants over time for funding by the Foundation.  The Donor Advised Fund(s) listed below provides  interested organizations with grant application information.

Designated Grants:  in which income from gifts and endowment investments is allocated to a particular organization or field of interest as identified by the donor.