Impact Grant

An Impact Grant can play a key role in providing significant funding to projects that strengthen Pella by addressing major initiatives and promising opportunities. This grant seeks to create a meaningful impact around community issues.

One grant awarded annually.  Grant range: $15,000 - $25,000.

Proposed Project Characteristics


Applications WILL BE CONSIDERED for projects that:

  • Address major local initiatives which significantly impact Pella.

  • Include evidence of a strong statement of community need.

  • Show strong probability for leveraged funding from other sources.

  • Demonstrate significant community impact, are broad and wide-reaching in nature, and are inclusive of the entire Pella community.

  • Expand existing, high performing programs.

  • Are collaborative in nature.

  • Show evidence of long-term planning for the project.

  • Are sustainable to ensure community impact well beyond the grant period.

  • Recognize and celebrate our community's heritage.

  • Show planning for outreach and accessibility to under-served populations.

  • Demonstrate evidence of organizational capacity to suggest a good opportunity for success.

  • Include a  plan for evaluating success.

Grant Eligibility Requirements


  • Impact Grants are made only to charitable organizations or causes with 501(c)(3) status, or to governmental agencies serving a charitable purpose.

  • Funding is limited to projects that will significantly improve the quality of life for the residents of Pella.

  • Organizations should not submit applications for both an Impact Grant and a Board Directed Grant for the same project in the same year.

  • Organizations receiving an Impact Grant in the prior year are not eligible.

  • The Distribution Committee WILL NOT CONSIDER:

    • Funding grants for completed projects.

    • Grants for ongoing annual operating expenses or continued program funding.

    • Grants to individuals.

    • Projects not serving residents of the Pella area.

Grant Application Timeline

                                Box 112

                                Pella, IA 50219

  • Semi-finalists will be required to make a face-to-face presentation of their proposal with the Distribution Committee in early January.

  • Award announced by February 1.

  • Awards luncheon early February.

Impact Grant Proposals


  • Please provide a brief overview of your organization including mission statement, focus areas, audiences served and strategic goals.

  • Share the anticipated timeline for this project, including a starting and ending date.

  • Articulate in detail the full scope of the project and the community need being addressed.  Consider this an executive summary of your proposal.  Be specific and concise.

  • Explain  how this project addresses a  major community initiative.

  • Describe why the organization is uniquely positioned to carry out this project and its capacity to implement the proposed project.

  • If this project includes a formal collaboration, share information about each partner and their contributions.

  • Include funding request amount and total project budget.

  • Show percent of the overall project budget being requested.

  • Organization’s total annual budget and financial statement.

  • Board of Directors list.

  • 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination.